A Projection Screen of Mist

Wellness Spa Bad Schandau

When fog is released into the air, it fills any room with small particles of water. That is why projecting onto fog produces such a different and variable effect. It is not like any screen, rather the projection occupies the entire room, becoming three-dimensional. Any breath of wind and flow of air will additionally change the look and feel of the projection. Chimeric apparitions manifest and disappear, silhouetted figures become visible and vanish. In 2004,s the Effektschmiede team installed a projection screen of mist at the thermal bath Toskana in Bad Schandau and projected large-scale visual effects onto a 14×5m area. The screen of mist was designed with the aim of increasing the length of a spa visitor’s stay by two hours, to extend into the evening. The project was a full success.