Fog lends an air of poetry to its surroundings. In the past, people were transfixed by these processes and thought of them as a form of magic.


Today we assume to know about physical phenomena such as these. But the sense of astonishment and awe has remained the same.

Under the creative direction of Judith Mann, the Effektschmiede uses fog and mist to craft an ambience. Mist shrouds places and objects in a twilight of (in)visibility, triggering emotions and calling forth associations. It recasts things in a new light which makes visible their uniqueness.


Fog consists of tiny particles of water that hover in the air. The Effektschmiede produces this natural fog using water nozzles. We do not use artificial theatre fog.

The appearance of the fog depends on a number of factors, for instance the size of the water droplets. Smaller drops will create a thicker and whiter appearance, while bigger drops will reveal more of the surroundings. Further factors that contribute to the atmosphere of these installations are the amount of water pressure, the temperature of the ground and the air, the base humidity and air circulation. Light plays a part in the final appearance, too. What does the setting look like by day and night? How does the light vary from one season to another.

It is our job to bring all these variables into harmony with one another, to craft a unique experience. In the end, however, nature will always be the final arbiter of the outcomes of these installations; the complexities of the weather and micro-climate always affect the process, leading to stunning and unforeseen results.


We create permanent or temporary fog installations in gardens and parks, in buildings and in public spaces.

The implementation of the installation depends wholly on local factors and we come up with the ideas on our first site visit. When we visit a park, for instance, we look at every single tree and ask whether it is knotted or slim, crooked, dainty, or strong? Does a particular tree stand alone, in a group, or in a row? How does the light shine through its foliage? After these considerations, we decide how and where the fog should be emitted.

Some things produce a special scent if the humidity levels are raised by the fog – the earth, the plants but even wood that was used in the built environment. A further effect is that raising the humidity level is advantageous to the growth of the surrounding flora, and a welcome refreshment for visitors in the summer.