A cloud that seems to glow in bright colours, audience members with their hair standing on end, tin cans imploded by invisible forces in front of the audience’s eyes – this is just a short list of examples of what happens when we build exhibits that exemplify high voltage currents or electromagnetism.


Our exhibits awaken the visitor’s curiosity and instil a thirst for knowledge. They remove the sciences from their pedestal and make them accessible for everyone.

Our work aims to amaze both children and adults. We develop instructive and entertaining shows to accompany the exhibits. Depending on the customer’s needs, we assist during their conception, during the manufacturing of the exhibits or their on-site installation. We even enjoy performing our shows ourselves and have done so both in museums and in science festivals. But, of course, we also train museum staff to perform them.


We build exhibits that deal with a range of phenomena surrounding high voltage electricity. We also build purely mechanical objects from various materials.

The Effektschmiede doesn’t deal in readymades. Our products are always fitted to our customers’ needs and are made to measure; they are both timeless and durable. We set our standards high: we accept only the highest technical and material quality for our designs.

The finished product transmits a desire to learn by having fun. We therefore like to develop interactive exhibits that involve the audience. The final look and feel of the product is key to attract the visitor’s attention.


During the conception phase we tend to assume the position of the visitor. We work towards a solution that engages the viewer, that sparks their imagination and challenges their thinking.

First we ask ourselves what the educational aim of a specific design is supposed to be: what is this experience supposed to transmit? Then we develop a suitable exhibit or show in several steps. Initially, we collect ideas and build a prototype that best exemplifies the particular natural phenomenon.

Then we invite our colleagues in the industry to act as our test subjects and try out the prototypes. In this stage we assure that our explanations are sound and that the desired message can be grasped intuitively. Finally, we assemble the finished exhibit from high quality materials and with an aesthetic appeal.