21. April 2016

We are passing on our knowledge!

In Cooperation with the Handwerkskammer Köln and a handful of other specialists we developed a new masterclass to become a fully licensed Pyrotechnician underlying the law of Explosives in Germany (§20). We will be teaching the usual theoretical stuff but aside from that, there is a lot of practical work involved, experience and anecdotes to be shared. We all gained a lot of know-how during our years in pyrotechnics and special effects for shows, stages and movies and are looking forward to sharing all of this with interested newbies in the basic class, the special class and the revision class. If you are actually interested in becoming a pyrotechnician or need to freshen up your knowledge and license do not to hesitate to take part! Everything you need to know can be found over there :“Link”:http://www.hwk-koeln.de/32,0,1129.html

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