Fascination at the Science Centre

We awaken curiosity. With exhibits which make you want to learn, which haul the natural sciences into the spotlight and allow young people to experience them. Man has always been fascinated by Nature. But we want more! Our work wants to reach the researcher and inventor in all of us. For those who want to understand how things work and want to be able to think outside the box, and beyond! To ask questions which will further their knowledge.
Our goal is to generate enthusiasm in your visitors. We base our work on the highest technical quality and far-sighted concepts. You can find an overview of sample work we have done for science centres here.

Nature meets Technology and becomes Poetry

The elements are at play. Mist spreads across your garden, appearing from nowhere at the touch of a button. A flame dances above the water’s surface on a lake or a water bowl. Graphic projections playing on a wall of mist. Some people have a certain sense of beauty and take pleasure in the extraordinary. Effektschmiede creates permanent or temporary installations for these people in gardens and parks. We are passionate about making peoples‘ wishes come true and we take pride and happiness in making our clients smile. We plan all installations individually and at the highest technical level.

You can see some of the mist and fire installations here.

Art for Public Spaces

Long ago, people called it magic. An act of God. Or simply inexplicable. In the modern world, we understand many natural phenomena. But they still astonish and amaze us. Fire and water, light and mist, voltage and energy are always impressive. Judith Mann uses natural elements to produce her artistic impact. Her installations generate tension and atmosphere and cast locations in a whole new light or cloak the familiar and everyday in mist. Judith Mann plans all work individually for each space and occasion. Have a look here to find out about an accessible mist installation designed for the German Embassy in Belgrade.