Effektschmiede works with natural physical phenomena. We conceive and create installations for science centres, gardens and parks and public spaces. As an experience factory, our work is about inspiring astonishment and inviting people to dream. It plays with fire and water, light and mist, voltage and energy. All installations correspond with the highest technical standards, are tailor-made for the space or room and all are individually planned and conceived by Judith Mann and her team.

Judith Mann

Graduate engineer / architect and pyrotechnician, founder and managing director of Effektschmiede, responsible for concept, composition and design judith.mann@effektschmiede.de

Johanna Mann

Certificate in retail management, team assistant for Effektschmiede, responsible for project and event organisation johanna.mann@effektschmiede.de

Conrad Keuck

Agricultural and construction machinery mechatronic engineer, lighting technician for film and television, technician at Effektschmiede, responsible for the construction of exhibits, high voltage technology and electrotechnology conrad.keuck@effektschmiede.de

Andreas Korth

Supervisor of special effects for film, television and events, theatre props master, technical management at Effektschmiede, responsible for the development of exhibits and special effects for film and television andreas.korth@effektschmiede.de